Designated Dryer®

Designated Dryer® provides an attractive playing surface with exceptional drainage characteristics. The percolation of Designated Dryer®, along with a properly designed playing field, takes water away quicker.

Because of the drainage characteristics, you will have a more consistent, playable surface. You will have easier maintenance, saving valuable time and money.

Product Info

Designated Dryer® can help you:

  • Prevent wet, slippery conditions
  • Remove standing water and mud
  • Decrease irrigation needs
  • Lessen divoting and damage to turf
  • Lower injury risk
  • Reduce water usage
  • Increase plant performance

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How to Use

Why Do I Need a Soil Enhancer?
Soil is a fragile growing medium consisting of three components: solid particles, water, and air. It is necessary to maintain a careful balance of these elements to establish a good soil profile. Using a good soil amendment, you can:

  • Reduce Nutrient Loss
  • Improve Moisture Retention
  • Provide Adequate Drainage
  • Enhance Soil Resiliency
  • Increase Resistance to Compaction

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